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Nolvadex in Australia. Nolvadex is the drug used to treat breast cancer. Usually is established individually depending on the indication. Inside, in breast cancer, kidney-on 20-40 mg 1-2 times a day (morning and evening), endometrium-20-30 mg 1-2 times a day. At the rate of 2.4-9.6 g. treatment are long-term (until the emergence of signs of disease progression), because the effect is only seen on continuous application; If necessary, use in combination with radiation therapy. The tablets should be taken with liquid, squeezed small amounts of liquid in one go in the morning or while sharing the necessary dose of 2 reception, morning and evening. Before starting treatment, women must undergo thorough gynecological (excluding pregnancy) and therapeutic survey. Tamoxifen induces ovulation, which increases the risk of pregnancy, so women of childbearing age must use reliable methods of contraception (non-hormonal) during treatment and for 3 months after the end of treatment. Buy cheap generic Nolvadex and Clomid online in Australia.

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