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Xenical in Australia. Currently in medical practice used only two medicinal products which have been fully tested in terms of activism against obesity, as required by medical science. One of them is called sibutramine (meridia), orlistat (xenical) is another. There is no more money, the activity of which in terms of treatment of obesity would be proved. Orlistat (xenical) delays the absorption of fat in the small intestine. Enhances interest on 15-20 the effect of the diet. Without dieting doesn't work. Pretty nasty side effects, according to the type of bowel disorders (if writing directly to rapid loose stools, rumbling in the stomach and so on). The drug is not expensive. All side effects of orlistat (xenical) relate to the mechanism of action of the drug. The fat that is left in the small intestine (where it should), goes into a thick, where it should not. An intestinal disorder that order was more than more fat contained in food. Generic Xenical buy in australia and Plavix.

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